We have an extensive network of distributors who make our brand stronger.

Every company is backed by the people and companies it works with. And we’re proud to have the following partners behind us.

Interested in becoming our partner?For more information, contact us at: info@lufberg.eu

Why work with Lufberg?

  • Quality products at a reasonable price
  • Generous 5-year warranty (only for EU countries)
  • Most goods permanently in stock
  • Customer technical support

Join us as a distributor:

  • Strong brand
  • Stable, transparent pricing policy
  • Customer-tailored solutions available
  • High-quality products for a reasonable price

Reference installations of our products done by our business partners

Albert Cheb
Kaufland Rakovník
FN Brno
ČEZ Ostrava
DPMP Praha - Areál Opravny tramvají Hostivař, administrativní budova Klíčov
Tesco Chrudim
DM drogerie - Jihlava