We bet on quality and reliability.

As a modern global company, Lufberg is fully devoted to all forward-looking concepts for sustainable development of human society. For this reason, we establish goals and processes for meeting these objectives in development, manufacturing, business and employee relations.

Lufberg is your reliable supplier of actuators for controlling ventilation, heating and cooling. Have a look at our technical catalogue, and feel free to contact us.


Commitment to development

Continuous development and constant innovation for more energy-efficient products and use of recyclable materials.


Commitment to responsibility

Innovative control processes in manufacturing and use of the latest technology to make production more energy efficient.


Commitment to partnership

Long-term collaboration with partners, mutual benefit, continuous development of strategy to find competitive solutions on a global scale.


Commitment to employees

Provide work with appropriate motivation, supporting creative thinking, individual professional growth and development, teamwork, open communication and company recognition.

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