Lufberg - regulation of air dampers and water valves

We offer our customers a full range of actuators for air dampers, fire dampers, water ball valves and zone valves. We adjust and expand our product offerings based on customer demand and trends in the field.



A brief word about our company.

We have been in the European market for several years. Our personal approach to every customer and the reliability of our services have quickly brought significant product sales results and made us one of the key actuator suppliers in many European markets.

The Lufberg Group was founded by experienced technical and business experts with the strategic goal of creating a professional worldwide group of manufacturers, developers, technicians and salespeople devoted to HVAC and related systems for heating, cooling and recuperation, including design, installation, regulation and service. An integral part of our business focus is to develop an area and expand our product offerings to be as comprehensive as possible and meet today’s energy and environmental standards. Lufberg has been in the European market for several years. A personal approach to each customer and reliable products and services have made Lufberg one of the key actuator suppliers in Europe, the Middle East and the former Soviet countries.


Reference installations of our products done by our business partners

Albert Cheb
Kaufland Rakovník
FN Brno
ČEZ Ostrava
DPMP Praha - Areál Opravny tramvají Hostivař, administrativní budova Klíčov
Tesco Chrudim
DM drogerie - Jihlava