Actuator without spring return 24Nm for damper up to 4,8m2

Actuators without spring return are used for regulating buildings’ heat and ventilation systems. They are mainly for air dampers and water valves.

Code marking: DA24N24, DA24N24S, DA24N220, DA24N220S, DA24N24PI, DA24N24PIS, DA24N220P, DA24N220PS

Sample installation
Torque: 24Nm
Controls: 2/3 point
Voltage: 230V AC
Running time - motor: 115-160s
Technical sheet: Technical sheet 24Nm
Declaration of conformity: Declaration of conformity
Potenciometer 0-10V; 24V AC/DC: LC-P24
Potenciometer 0-10V; 230V AC: LC-P220
Screw bushing: DA-PK